Music and Songs on Capoeira

The music is a essential ingredient of capoeira, common element toall style of capoeira.

The rhythm of the Berimbau (the symbolic instrument of capoeira)scans each phase of the game in the roda (the circle of peopleformed around two capoeiras who are playing).

The different rhythms used in capoeira are known with the name oftoques.

There are three types of berimbau: GungaMedio and Viola (the names may change according to the school).

There are also different toque of the berimbau, which should dictatethe style of play and lead the roda.

The gameplay is so different according to the rhythm: in fact,through music and songs, the musicians can change the game,communicating messages to the public and players.
The full Battery of instruments includes:
Berimbau (musical bow)
Atabaque (a type of drum)
Pandeiro (tambourine)
Agogo (bells of wood or metal)
Reco reco (a sort of “rasp” of wood)

Capoeira songs are divided in two parts, soloist and choir’s response, made up of all the capoeristas present in the roda;

Some examples:

Ladainhas e Cantigas